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Thank You from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation

3/4/17 8:12

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation would like to thank each of our donors for sticking their necks out for giraffe conservation! They sent us a video:

Please continue to support the GCF by purchasing our 'Any Minute Now, April' shirts, or by donating directly to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation

It Was Never About the Beer Money

3/2/17 7:32

Ok, maybe it was at first.

Giraffe Watch began as a gag to poke fun at my friends who couldn’t peel their eyes off of April. We thought, just as most of you did, that it would happen “Any Minute Now” and we could send out an email to a few hundred of our friends and family to tune in. Six days, 27,000 subscribers and very few hours of sleep later, it is clear that any minute now isn’t the case! We have been in contact with Animal Adventure Park asking if they would like us to install the email alert system on their site for free or asking if they could notify us when April's labor begins so we could alert all of you but they said it was not a good business decision for them to have less people watching the camera. After all they are a for-profit organization so you can’t blame them.

Our goal for this site was never to make money, but to help our homies out. So, after factoring out costs for running the Giraffe Watch alert service and buying a six pack, we will be donating the remainder to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to a sustainable future for all giraffe populations in the wild. All donation links on our site have been directed to the GCF donation page, and I encourage you to show them some love. 100% of the Any Minute Now t-shirt profits will also be going to the GCF.

We will continue to monitor April and provide updates, although we will be scaling back our over-night commitments, and we will continue to work towards a way for you night-owls to alert the rest of the group. Any shift volunteers!?

Please reach out via the comments page with any concerns or to request a refund of your donation.

Thank you,

- Tom & Lindsey

Opened Subscription Slots

2/28/17 23:27

We've opened up an additional 10k subscription slots. Issues subscribing should be mitigated. Please leave a comment if you're experiencing issues creating a new subscription. Thanks!

Notification Tests

2/28/17 8:19

Just sent out a test notification to the list. With over 12k subscribers, we're going to be putting our systems to the test! Click the button below to let us know that you got it.

Push it, Push it Good!

Got it! Thank you! Click here to view the live stream

Subscription Issues

2/27/17 23:42

We've hit another bottleneck- we're creating new subscriptions too fast. I'm researching a fix, in the meantime you should be able to get in eventually if you keep retrying.

Please Resubscribe!

2/26/17 11:00

Due to limits with the text message service, text updates are no longer guaranteed! Please resubscribe using your email address!

Move to Crowd Sourcing

2/26/17 09:30

The baby still hasn't been born. I know, right? Trust me- I'm bummed out too. So I've got a request for you all. I'm getting tired. I need to go to work tomorrow. I can't keep this going for much longer.

So we're crowd sourcing!

I've added a button on the Giraffe Watch Stream that you can click if you see something important happen. That message will get sent over to me, and if I see enough activity I'll verify it myself and start letting everyone know.

Alternatively, if you're really excited about it, shoot me an email and I'll respond quickly.

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